Dry Applications


Scalping: The removal of a small percentage of oversize from a product.

Related Industries


Cocoa powder Dairy products Dried eggs Dried milk powder Spices Starch powder Tea from bags

Chemical and Petrochemicals

Acetate Calcium carbonate Cellulose Copper sulphate Detergents Iron oxide Melamine PVC Phenolics Polyethylene pellets Polystyrene Sodium carbonate Stearic acid Titanium dioxide Zinc oxide

Minerals and Metals

Diatomaceous earth Mica Perlite Stones from pit sand barite Talc

Animal Feeds

Removal of over size from additives Scalping of foreign material from mash


Flour sifting Separation of large foreign materials


Classifying: The separation of particles by size into two or more products.

Related Industries


Bread crumbs Nuts Pea grading Salts Spices Sugars

Chemicals and Petrochemicals

Catalyst beds Expandable polystyrene beads Monosodium glutamate Resins

Minerals and Metals

Metal powder Sand Silica

Pulp and Wood Products

Particle board Sawdust Wood chips Wood flour


Aluminium oxide Blasting grit Carborundum Glass beads Sands


De-Dusting: The removal of a small percentage of fines from a product.

Related Industries


Additives Cereals Ground coffees Instant coffee powders Nuts Potato flakes Spices Vitamins


Caustic soda flake Polyethlene pellets Polystyrene

Pulp and Wood Product

Particle board


Granulation Tablet de-dusting


Ammonium nitrate prills Granulated mixed Pelletised

Wet Applications


Filtering: The removal of a low percentage of solids from a liquid.

Related Industries


Chocolate liquor Frying oil Potato starch Protein from yeast slurry Soymilk


Aluminium paint suspension Centrifuges Classify pigments Feeds to decanters


Calcium carbonate Colombian ore in closed circuit grinding Kaolin slurry prior to centrifuging

Pulp and Paper

Coating suspensions Recovering fiber from mill effluent Starch size press Shower quality water


Clarify body and glaze slips for dishes Fine china Pottery Sanitary ware

Waste Disposal

Cannery wastes Distillery slop Paunch manure from meatpackin


De-Watering: The removal of a high percent of solids from a liquid.

Related Industries


Apple or citrus juices Casein curd from whey Caustic bottle wash Corn fiber from starch slurry Fruits and vegetables Gluten from wheat starch Instant rice Potato slices Separation of bagasse Spent coffee grounds Tuna


Aligns from digestion liquor Clarifying of polyvinyl acetate emulsions Coagulum from latex Digested reclaimed water Enamels Paints Polyethylene from extruder water Separation of salt from glycerine Spiralina de-watering TNT


De-watering of knots De-watering of rejects before refining

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